Brewing Memories Archive

In October 2020, Carolina facilitated two Brewing Memories workshops at Friends of Brook Park, a community garden in the South Bronx, where Carolina grows many of the delicious vegetables, chiles and herbs she and her mom, Natalia Mendez (“Mama Morada”), use in their traditional recipes at La Morada.


Below a short clip of the workshops facilitated in October 2020.

A video clip of the workshops facilitated at Friends of Brook Park in October 2020.


Listen to Yajaira share a memory from her grandmother’s house in Oaxaca and reflect on the meaning of sharing traditional indigenous knowledges and practices in the context of displacement due to gentrification, segregation, and amid a pandemic. Yajaira invites us to see Brewing Memories also as a form of mutual aid.

Yajaira talks about the fire at her grandmother’s house, and also about indigenous resistance, mutual aid and the fight against gentrification in the South Bronx.

Listen to Natalia, “Mamá Morada,” talk about the indigenous ways of life her daughters keep cultivating. Audio in Spanish.

Natalia tells us how she keeps learning from her daughters.


The photos taken at the Brewing Memories workshops facilitated on October 3 and October 24 2020 are by photographer Cinthya Santos-Briones.