Constellation of Influences

1. Fenton Johnson, “I am tired of building someone else’s civilization” — Here it is important to witness the incomparable depths of Black Nihilism, what’s the cost of building the empire and being discarded by it? 

2.  Paul Laurence Dunbar

3. Marc Chagall, “Then the angel led me to the river of the water o’ life” 

4. Kerry James Marshall, “The Invisible Man”

5. Jean-Michel Basquiat 

6. Vincent Van Gogh 

8. Franz Kafka

9. Henri Toulouse-Lautrec 

10.  Herman Melville

11.  Neale Hurston

12.  Langston Hughes “Laugh to Keep from Crying”

13.  Henry David Thoreau “Do you know what makes the prison door disappear?”

14.  Richard Wright

15.  Federico García Lorca, “Quemaré el Partenón para por la noche”; “Qué voy a decir de esas nubes? Mirar, mirar, mirarlas, mirarle, y nada más.”

16.  Rolling Stones, “Gimme sum Sugar!

17.  Nina Simone

18.  Simon & Garfunkel

19.  Romare Bearden 

20.  Georgia O’Keeffe 

21.  Edna St. Vincent Millay

22.  Junot Diaz

23.  Claude Monet 

24.  Sor Juana

25.  Blanka Amezkua 

26.  Claude McKay, “A chafing savage”; James Russell Lowell, “Careless seems the great avenger

27.  W.E.B. DuBois, “Dogged strength alone prevents from being torn asunder!” 

28.  James Baldwin, “If you don’t know my name you don’t know your own.”

29.  Jean Toomer, “telephone the powerhouse / that the main wires are insulate

30.  William Blake

31.  Egon Schiele 

32.  Gerard Manley Hopkins

33.  El Greco 

34.  Claudia Muñoz 35.  Natalia Méndez a.k.a Mamá Morada